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Computer Science
TU Darmstadt
Mornewegstr. 30
64293 Darmstadt

I am a Professor at TU Darmstadt, where I am leading the research group on Applied Cryptography funded by the Emmy Noether Program of the German Science Foundation (DFG).

Before I was an Assistant Professor at Ruhr-University Bochum and have been a Marie Curie IEF fellow at EPFL, Switzerland in the group of Serge Vaudenay, and a Postdoc at Aarhus University in the group of Ivan Damgaard. In 2010, I received my Ph.D. in the COSIC group at KU Leuven. My research was funded through a Microsoft Research Ph.D. scholarship. I obtained a Master in Business Informatics from the University of Mannheim.

Selected Recent Publications:         (dblp chronological list)   

Current Ph.D. Students   

Current Master Students:    Jacek Rzeniewicz
Current Student Programmers:    Marius van der Wijden
Updated January 30, 2018.
Program Committees

TCC 2018   |    EUROCRYPT 2018   |    CHES 2018   |    PKC 2017   |    EUROCRYPT 2016   |    SCN 2016   |    CHES 2016   |    AcrticCrypt 2016   |    TCC 2015   |    PKC 2015   |    IWSEC 2014   |    AsiaPKC 2014   |    IWSEC 2013   |    IndoCrypt 2013   |    LatinCrypt 2012   |   


My research group is grateful for the support of the DFG Emmy Noether Program and the BMBF VeriSec project.